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DoubleTap Radio Episode 8

Doubletap radio episode 8

Torrent Vaccine Intro;

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We also like to support our local airsoft shop Airsoft Outlet NW!

Let’s quickly go over the FIVE rules of gun safety!

It’s loaded!

Don’t point it!

Keep your finger off that trigger!

What’s behind the target?!!

Medical kit!

Remember to wear your safety gear! Eye Pro! Ear Pro!

Take a moment to think about the fallen;


Airsoft Outlet is having a sale;


I would like to take a moment to thank our new listeners who have liked us on Facebook, the guys at UCLA engineering and


Totally random news!

Found on Triple Aught Design’s page


Smart phone smart security article;



On to Airsoft News!

 Black Unit Tactiacl Ebay store;


Don’t be a tard;

Mosin review;


Air powered airsoft gun;

Skirmish clothing;

Water transfer;

New airsoft gun, pneumatic!

Awesome hot weather combat shirt;



Real Steel crossover!!


Real steel news!

 Babes with guns 2012 calander;


Awesome knife/ tomahawk tool;

engraving services to personalize your gun;

non functioning training aids;

Leatherman combat firearm tool;



Gear News!

DIY survival bracelet;

Don’t buy one, learn how to make it, save money and learn a new skill!


Gear Review!

Something to be really excited about when it comes to the Elite Force airsoft guns;

Umraex brings a new level of professionalism and realism to airsoft.


Zombie news!

 Zombie shot sound sample from;

 Zombie Con

 Airsoft Extreme zombie games!

Interesting article about a inexpensive and reliable breaching tool/ zombie defense tool;

Breaching tool;

Support your small independent artist, buy their patches;

State certified zombie hunter patch;

Brownell's AR15 zombie hunter upper!!!!:

Upper video;


Spikes tactical zombie hunter lower;



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Don’t be stingy! DoubleTap!

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